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Working Principle of Slime Dryer

Guoxin Machinery-Professional manufacturer of drying equipment. It is a green product with high efficiency to meet the market needs. Here is the whole production process of the coal silme dryer:
The slime dryer is mainly composed of heater, heat separating device, belt feeder, feeder, rotary drum, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, unloader and distribution cabinet.
Working principle:
After entering the dryer, the wet coal slime is guided into several working zone because of its viscosity. 1. slime guiding zone, the heat air will evaporate the slime moisture rapidly, and the slime is taken up many times by big lead angle plate, thus there is no hardening happens to the slime. 2. cleanup area, the wet slime will bond the innerwall easily during being taken up, so the sweeping device will clean up the innerwall timely. At same time, the sweeping device will also crush the hardening material to enlarge the heat exchange area of the slime, improving drying efficiency. 3. inclined lifting plate, wet slurry material in this area shows a low moisture loose state, no sticking happening, materials after heat exchange enters discharge zone. 4. discharge zone, there is no stiring board in this area, and materials scroll through this area to the discharge port. 

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