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Baghouse Dust Collector

Product Description:
Baghouse dust collector absorbs a lot of overseas advanced technology. It can be used in boiler, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food and other industries, and it is one of the most extensive applications of dust removal device.
Baghouse dust collector is composed of five parts that top, middle, bottom box, ash discharge system and injection system, the top box includes cover plate and the air outlet, the middle box is composed of a porous plate, the filter bag frame and the filter bag, the bottom box is composed of by the hopper, the air inlet and the inspection door, blowing system comprises a pulse control instrument, pulse valve, blowing pipe and a gas bag.
Working Principle:
Dusty gas from the air inlet of dust collector into the middle and lower box, through the bag filter’s effect, separate the dust from gas, dust was adsorbed on the surface of dust bag, clean air is discharged to the outlet through filter bags, dust attached to the surface of the filter bag grows thicker as time goes by, according to the setting of injection procedure, pulse injection valve receives the order issued by the controller, trigger to open in order, the compressed air in the gas bag spray out from each hole of injection tube and jet into each corresponding filter bag via venturi, the dust attached to the surface of filter bags fall off into the ash hopper and expel from ash valve.
1. High Purification efficiency, ability to handle large gas.
2. Stable performance, long service life.
3. Convenient operation and maintenance.
4. High strength and good stability of the shell and frame structure.
5. Suitable for dust removing of a variety of multiple points of dust producing. 

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