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Product Description:
Burner is the equipment which converts chemical energy of fuels into heat energy. It is suitable for small and medium-sized steam stove and so on.
Machinery & Electric structure:
1. Unify design burner, aluminum shell
2. A high performance centrifugal fan
3. Burning air inlet with flux regulating device
4. Sliding type flange for exact positioning
5. Excellent design of burner head to ensure its best burning condition. The burner extends to the heating furnace
6. Air pressure switch to ensure fuel gases mix safely
7. Electric power and electrode inspection flame
8. Electrical installation to protect whole system and safety
Gas and air mixed and burned fully.
Ignition easy and temperature rise fast;
Fan with low noise & energy-saving;
Operational reliability
Every part is easy to dismounting
High efficiency for maintenance, cleaning and checking


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