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Microwave Equipment for Jujube Dryer


Microwave dryer fits for application of microwave in scope of packaged food, bottled food, local products, cooked food, spices, dried beef, duck, chicken, fish products etc. Microwave does function on sterilization and preservation to keep its flesh, flavor and tenderness.

1. Overall characteristics: nice appearance, easy to maintenance, high drying efficiency, uniform, stable performance, safe and durable.
2. Machine material: food-grade stainless steel.
3. Unique microwave field strength design.
The processed jujube is round and full, bright color, no cracking, no leakage of sugar, delicious and fresh taste, can be kept for long.
4. Convenient operation, PLC program control.
5. Automatic control: power is adjustable, temperature can be controlled, the temperature control and microwave connected, the microwave output can be adjusted automatically.
6. Manufacturing technique: the electrical components and wiring neatly labeled, convenient maintenance, strictly quality control, stability and reliability.

Applicable materials:
The jujube microwave equipment can be used for drying, sterilization, ovicidal action, sugar processing of jujube, dried jujube, jujube piece and jujube deep-processed products.
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