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Dried Nuts and Fruit Drying and Sterilization Equipment


The equipment has the simple structure and good performance. It has the features as follows:
1. Short drying time, low drying temperature, uniformity and bright color of the products.
2. Selective heating, the high water content part absorbing microwave power more than the low water content part. Thus the equipment can heat and dry objects evenly by using this characteristic.
3. The microwave drying has puffed effect which is helpful to the subsequent grinding because of the water vapor of the drying dehydration from inside to outside the direction.
4. High efficiency and energy saving. Microwave has directly effect on the material and therefore has no additional heat loss. It has high thermal efficiency because the air inside the furnace and the appropriate containers are not produce heat. The production environment is obviously improved, and far infrared heating 30% energy compared.
5. Easy to control. Compared with conventional method, microwave with simple operation; Microwave adjustable power, transmission speed can be adjusted. There is no polluted water and gas in microwave heating and drying process, it is a kind of new technology with safety and harmless which improves the quality of products and brings economic benefits
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