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Cyclone Dust Collector

Product Description:
Cyclone dust collector is a dry gas-solid separator device that separates dust powder from air stream by using centrifugal force generated by revolving dust air.
Working Principle:
Add a bypass cyclone principle of its work after the dust from the inlet tangential gas into the air to be rotating in the same time, air flow up and down movement separately to form a double spiral snail, snail dust in the double-spin boundary between a strong separation of the role of coarse dust particles flow separation with backspin to the cochlear wall, some of which dust separation chamber by the middle of the hole leads to the bypass, the remaining dust from the air with a man down the hopper. Cochlear spiral flow on fine particle dust had gathered on the role, thereby enhancing the collection efficiency. This part of the smaller dust particles, with the upward flow on the Ministry of cochlear spiral, formed under the strong rotation in the top of the dust ring, and with the cochlear spiral into the bypass air separation chamber with the upper hole, the cone into the return air and internal air flow convergence, the purified gas from the exhaust pipe, isolated dust into the hopper.

The Cyclone dust collector can be used as a prefilter for a baghouse or cartridge unit or as a complete system. It’s applicable to mines, metallurgy, fireproof materials, building materials, coal, chemical industry and power industry.
1. High air flow, low wind pressure, low noise
2. Lower manufacture, balanced running
3. Good separation effect for coarse dust particle
4. Static pressure and air flow can be adjusted randomly
5. Good separation effect for coarse dust particle

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