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Pet Food Dryer

According to pet ages and varieties, we developed a variety of types of pet food production lines. The pet food drying equipment produced by our company also has the features of sterilization and thawing etc. Additionally, the customized order can be made by the different requirements. Pet food dryer is a kind of environmental protection energy-saving drying equipment, drying process does not produce any harmful substances, smoke and flame. It can adjust temperature and humidity according to the dryer material characteristics. The equipment has high degree of intelligent, it will automatic stop when the materials are dried or meet the drying requirements.
Under the normal temperature and pressure condition to operate, the equipment can save 50% energy compared with infrared, save 40% energy compared with burning oil and save 20%-30% compared with coal. It can also produce cold wind in the drying process which will directly discharge into workshop to improve the working environment.

It can be applied in fish food, dog food and poultry processing.

1. Fast drying speed;
2. Short time for heating up, without preheating;
3. High thermal efficiency; in the heating process, the equipment direct heat both inside and outside of the materials, thus the heating efficiency is higher than conventional heating equipment.
4. The adjustable points wind plate are installed to dry the materials uniformly;
5. Small noise, stable running, automatic control in temperature, easy installation and maintenance.
6. Wide range application, can dry all kinds of materials.
7. Medium and high efficient filters are installed in the in the air inlet and outlet.
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