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Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Hongrun Fertilizer Production Line is composed of following equipment:
1. grinder
2. mixer
3. drum granulator
4. dryer
5. cooler
6. coating machine
7. trommel
8.packaging machine
9. automatic control system

A compound fertilizer is made by chemical method or blending process, containing at least two elements of three major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) with identified specific wt percentages.  Compound Fertilizer can be manufactured by process of dissolving, mixing, pelleting, drying and screening, applicable for different requirements of soils and crops.
The proposed plant consists of workshops, product storages, material storages, a boiler room, an office building and other facilities.
Granulation process: The buffer hopper and belt weighter ensure that the feed stock can be processed at even speed with ease;
Drying and cooling process: The rotary dryer has an automatic cleaner, which can prevent the material from agglomerating and sticking on the equipment.
Dust removal: The wet scrubber can greatly reduce the emission of wastes and the loss of material so as to increase profitability of the plant.
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