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Food Drying Machine

Brief Introduction:
The food drying machine can be used for various agricultural and puffed food drying, it has the reasonable structure; stable, simple and convenient operation; economical and practical for vast number of users. Depends on the customers’ order, the dryer can work independently or work with the whole production line. According to the multiple practice and test data in many food processing plants, agricultural production base and food processing enterprise, it can ensure that the different drying food in the drying process have different colors, appearances and tastes.

The food drying machine can be applied in all kinds of puffed food, agricultural and sideline products, dehydrated vegetables, edible fungus and Chinese herbal medicine. The shape of the drying products can be sheet, strip and granular etc.

1. Equipped with automatic control system and computer control systems for customer choice.
2. With electric heating calculated by I-15Kw, practical 5 ~ 8kw / h.
3. The special requirements can be shown in the order.
4. Temperature greater than 140 ℃ or less than 60 ℃, to specify when ordering.
5. Control systems adopt advanced touch screen control or common control which has convenient operation and long service life.
6. Most of the hot air are circulated in the box which has high thermal efficiency and save energy.

Working Principle:
CT-C hot air circulation drying oven, all products of this series adopt the axial flow fan, with automatic temperature control system and computer control system. The thermal efficiency can up to 70%. It uses steam or electricity as heat source, heating air by way of heat convection which formed by axial flow fan to heat exchanger. The heat transfer is proceeding by the hot air laminar and materials in baking tray. The fresh air are supplied from the air inlet, the waste damp and hot air are discharged from the outlet constantly thereby to keep the relative humidity inside of the oven.
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