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Wet Scrubber

Product Description:
Wet scrubber is mainly composed of the athen airflow gets through the water layer as the way of tricking, the equipment has the second cleaning, and some imperceptibility soot together with the airflow enters the S-shape decontamination chamber. High speed airflow collides the liquid surface because of centrifugal effect the imperceptibility soot can be caught. At the same time, SO2 in the smoke can be absorbed by the desulphurization effectively. The air including water will be dehydrated by the breakwater after cleansing, and expelled to the atmosphere by the fan.
Applicable Scope:
The dust collector unit not only is suitable for removing all hydrophilic dust, but also has higher collection efficiency to non-hydrophilic dust and particles. But can not be used for the purification of fibrous dust, in case blocking.
It is suitable for pharmacy, food; build materials, chemical, metallurgy, sand blast, machining, electricity and other industries.
Proper investment and low running cost
High dedusting efficiency and no secondary pollution
Small resistance, 700-900Pa
Wide adaptation range and good flexibility
Automatic filling water device.
Low running resistance, low power consumption.
The smallest maintenance
Simple structure, cover small area
Easy to use, low cost.

Operating Principle:
During operation, dust air passes through arc-shaped slot with high flow speed after it enters the purifying tank. Air stream in the slot turns sharply and blends forcefully with water, forming a water curtain at the slot exit which facilitates full contact between dust and water and enables dust to dissolve into water. Purified air is discharged out from water-retaining plate after moisture is removed. By recycling water in the tank, Water consumption is therefore minimal, except for loss from evaporation. Water lost is replenished by automatic water refilling device to maintain water level. Sludge on the dust remover shall be cleaned regularly.
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