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Multi-tube Dust Collector


Product Description:
Multi-tube dust collector is an efficient dust collector, dust removal efficiency more than 80%,  body resistance is lower than 900Pa. It is able to run normal with the existing boiler induced draft fan. It has good adaptability, dust removal efficiency is more than 94% when under 70% load.
The cyclones in the dust collector is made from cast iron or ceramic, thickness is more than 600mm, so it is has strong wearing resistant. It is an ideal equipment for Boilers flue gas.
Working Principle:
High speed gas flow is led in the separator to form high speed rotary. Under the centrifugal force, the powder slides down along the wall, and then the gas flow rises in a spiral to next processing equipment.

1. Strong adaptability
2. Powder processing
3. Steel melting
4. Material handling




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