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Single-stage Gas Producer

Product Description:
Single-stage gas producer use air and water vapor as the gasification agent produce mixed-gas. It is fit to gasify coke and other fuels. Single-Stage gas producer is widely used in machinery, metallurgical, chemical, glass, building materials, food, textile and light industry.

Working Principle:
Use the scientific technology structure to analyze water molecules, produced hydrogen (H2) to combust, oxygen (02) for helping combustion, so that the temperature increased rapidly in combustion studio. This cycle can make fuel burn fully in the oven, and produce great heat value. Because of the full combustion and swirl cyclone combustion technology in the combustion chamber, single-stage gas producer can achieve high temperatures, avoid the emission of harmful gases, such as C0, C02, N0, S02, smoke removal, dust removal, desulfurization, achieve the requirements of environmental protection department.


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