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Chain Conveyor

Product Description:
Chain conveyor adopts planetary cycloidal pinwheel reducer. Products are moved in production line. Usually used together with carrier pallets. Stoppers can be fitted at specified positions. Chains, carrier pallets can all be designed according to the application requires. 
Chain conveyor drive device is widely used in food, canned food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning products, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco and other automatic transmission, distribution, and transportation connections after-packaging. 

1. Compactstructure, the design is novel, the technology is advanced, and the series is complete.
2. Fully enclosed chassis, sealed performance is good, safe in operation and reliable operation.
3. A firm scraped assembly with high strength, precise coordination and stable & silent motion
4. Carrying ability, conveying capacity of 11 m3 / h.
5. Transportation energy consumption is low, with the aid of the material in friction, become push for material pulling, power saving and durable.
6. Plural scraped width offers you the optimal application for wide range and the effectiveness. Conveying length can be based on user design.

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